Change Mobile Phone Wallpaper using FunSaaz App

It is evident to get sick of the default phone wallpapers at some point of time. Hence, there are some astonishing apps in the market out there which enable us to download cute wallpapers, HD and 4k wallpapers for free.

FunSaaz App:  FunSaaz is not just an enormous growing repository of phone wallpapers but it also provides you a vast variety of ringtones as well on abbreviating it can be said as the best ringtone app. You can browse the wallpapers through categories like Animals, Abstract, Art, FantasyNature, Movies etc or scroll through a list of random images until you find something intimidating or you can even scroll in the music section for free music ringtone download. The method to download and apply wallpapers on your android smart phone through FunSaaz App is explained below.

1. First of all, install the FunSaaz application from PlayStore and create your account which would only take a few minutes. You can do it without creating an account as well.



2. Now, tap on the menu (three little lines) you may notice on the top left side on the app.



3. In order to create your profile at FunSaaz App you just have to click on the menu button on the top most left side of your screen and you will notice an icon offering you to login, tap on the same icon to continue the process.


4. Select the wallpapers option from the list that will pop up on your screen after clicking on menu button and scroll through the random wallpapers or slide on your phone for the categories and tap on your favorite category from the list of 4k wallpapers




5. Now, tap on the desired wallpaper that you want to apply as mobile phone wallpaper. You will notice three little dots on the top right side of your phone screen. Tap on these three dots and you will see some options like download or set as wallpaper select the set as wallpaper option to apply phone backgrounds.


After using the app, you may realize that you are no longer using default wallpapers and you are likely to spare a few moments of your downtime everyday to see what’s new to the collection of wallpapers and also the collection of free ringtones for android, Samsung smart phone on our app.