How to Change Wallpaper of an Android Phone?

Every android phone has several images, wallpapers by default some of which can be quite cool wallpapers. But the sad part is that you get only a few of them. So no matter how much you like your phone background you surely will get fed up of them at some point of time.

By fortune, there are distinct mechanisms to get different categories wallpaper like AnimalsAbstract, Art and Anime etc and free music ringtones for android and smart phones. The easiest of all the methods is simplified underneath with pictures as described

1. Long press the home screen until a small pop up box appears on your screen.

2. You will notice three icons displayed in the pop up section namely wallpapers, widgets and settings, Select the icon “wallpaper” command on your screen.


3. Now, you will notice a huge variety of wallpapers on your screen, a few of them will be live and others static.

  • Live: Live wallpaper is straight forward a program that inaudibly keeps animating some stuff on your phone background and may synchronize to your touch.
  • Static: Static wallpapers are the pictures without any animations which provide a beautiful background to your smart phone.

4. Tap on the wallpaper you like and click on “select” check sign button as shown in given picture.

Adjust the size of your phone wallpaper on your smart phone and then tap on “set as wallpaper.” You can choose from home screen or lock screen or apply the same wallpaper to both the screens.

  • Home Screen: Home screen is the main screen on a mobile operating system or a computer.
  • Lock Screen: Lock screen shows the time and notifications without giving you full access to the rest of your phone